E-Drivers’ rates in 2023

All rates mentioned on this page are excluding 21% VAT

€ 27,50 exluding VAT per hour*

Students trained by E-Drivers

Capable drivers

Minimum order: 3 hours

* Free additional insurance does not apply


€ 29,95 excluding VAT per hour

Older driver

Lots of driving experience

Very familiar with the Dutch road network

Minimum order: 3 hours

Free additional insurance


€ 37,50 excluding VAT per hour

CCV D1 certified

Professional executive driver

Minimum order: 4 hours

Free additional insurance


€ 47,50 excluding VAT per hour

CCV D2 certified

Professional executive driver

Minimum order: 4 hours

Free additional insurance

Werken met een chauffeur van E-Drivers
Starting from € 85, – ex VAT per hour
S-Class or V-Class Mercedes
Luxury equipped
Including executive driver
Minimum purchase: 4 hours, or a transfer fee
Auto met chauffeur
Starting from € 125,- ex vat per hour
Luxury minibus up to 16 persons
VIP equipped
Including certified bus driver
Minimum purchase: 4 hours, or transfer price

Possible additional costs

If the ride does not start in one of the four major cities, the travel time and public transport costs of the driver will be charged. If the driver travels to you by car, the travel kilometers will be charged at € 0.42 per km. The costs incurred by the driver will be listed separately on your invoice.
For services longer than 8 hours, E-Drivers charges a meal allowance for the driver of € 15.

If your private driver has to advance certain costs, such as fuel, tolls or washing costs when you want the car washed, these will be charged. You will see these costs listed separately on the invoice.

For short assignments, or assignments from A to B, the hourly rate may be deviated from and a fixed transfer fee may be charged. When a transfer fee applies, E-Drivers will of course inform you.

Reliable partner

“E-Drivers has been a reliable partner for years with excellent service combined with great flexibility. In addition, the price-quality ratio is also excellent.”

Frans ten Brink / DSW Zorgverzekeraar

What it brings you

Productivity (and money)

With a driver, you can work while on the road. And maybe even work on a billable basis! As long as your cost per hour exceeds that of the driver, you have an immediate financial benefit when using a private chauffeur


Using a driver allows you to work on the road; you get work done at times when you would normally lose time driving yourself. This leaves you with valuable time for other things.

No parking fees

Not only does the driver drop you off at your doorstep at your appointments, of course, he also manages and guards your car. He does so in a place where no parking fee is due. You are therefore spared these costs.

Comfort, convenience and a safe trip

A driver who cares about the route and traffic. A driver who drops you off neatly at your door and picks you up again. A driver who comfortably guides you through the busy roads. You can work undisturbed, talk on the phone, send an SMS or just relax. You travel at ease; safely and comfortably. And when you book a private or executive chauffeur, you pay nothing even if you don’t find the trip comfortable or safe.

A well-kept car

Your driver will see to it that, whenever possible, you get the car back better than he received it. Washing, cleaning inside and cleaning up, the driver is happy to do it for you.

An on-the-go assistant

Your driver is your assistant on the road. Need certain chores done? Let your driver know. Your driver can also liaise with the assistant for urgent matters and/or changes on the day.

E-Drivers provides driver services on a daily basis to:

E-Drivers provides driver services on a daily basis to: